Friday, April 1, 2011

Teen Mania Watch Partners with Honor Academy to Sponsor ESOAL 2011

Dear Readers,

As many of you may know, Teen Mania Watch has been among the most vocal critics of the annual ESOAL (Emotionally Stretching Opportunity of A Lifetime) event held by the Teen Mania Honor Academy each year. This blog, along with concerned citizens everywhere, has characterized ESOAL as being coercive, dangerous, and even downright abusive. However, after reading Teen Mania's internal training document about how Christians should "major in the majors," (see pages 19-21 of the Google document), along with Teen Mania's assurance that they are definitely not "hazing" anyone, we have had a change of heart.

Therefore, I am pleased to announce that Teen Mania Watch will be the proud sponsor of ESOAL 2011. Considering how much ESOAL "changes people's lives," Teen Mania Watch is officially offering the following promotional & financial consideration to Teen Mania Ministries:

In exchange for the aforementioned promotional consideration, Teen Mania Watch asks nothing more than that Honor Academy interns be allowed to view truthful and accurate information about the organization while on campus.

We've tweeted the Honor Academy and asked for a response, and we'll let you know when they get back to us.


  1. Has anyone died there? My sister is signed up to go there, just paid her $1200 yesterday...


  2. lol first love the april fools joke
    Second... To anon Twiltwil well not at ESOAL but yes people have died on campus though most from either car accidents or strange natural causes that it is arguable if they could have been found before said death

  3. With all the sarcasm dripping from this post (and others I've been looking over), I can see that forgiveness is not something that is encouraged on this website. In response to all the hurt and pain you've experienced, why don't you take responsibility for what you can by extending forgiveness? You are only hurting yourself and will remain bitter for longer because you are just feeding it. Where's the love?