Friday, September 24, 2010

The David Hasz Cat Food Scandal!

A lot has happened this week! After the story broke about Mark Lewandowski lying to the Recovering Alumni blogger, Teen Mania Ministries got even more bad press in the form of a three night exposé about ESOAL on the KLTV evening news in East Texas. The story definitely didn't paint Teen Mania in a very positive light, and echoed the same health & safety complaints regarding ESOAL that individuals following this story have know about for months.

I found it extremely interesting that David Hasz, the C.O.O. of Teen Mania and creator of ESOAL, cancelled his on-camera interview. An interview with Hasz had been scheduled, but at the last minute he told KLTV producers that he would only appear if he could be interviewed live instead of doing a pre-recorded interview. You'd think after seeing the first two nights of a story that would make many parents think twice about sending their kid to the Honor Academy, Dave would be clamoring to get the chance to tell his side of the story. It seems as if Teen Mania has nothing to hide, doing an interview with KLTV would have been a non-issue.

David Hasz did however respond to an e-mail he received from KLTV producers, and one of the things he said to them (as reported in the news segment) was that cat food had never been served at ESOAL. This surprised me, because I know I have personally heard stories from several former Teen Mania interns about the cat food served during ESOAL. Sure enough, within an hour of the KLTV story airing, video footage of Dave Hasz himself holding a can of Friskies cat food during an ESOAL event was posted on the Recovering Alumni blog.

Hasz claims that refried beans were placed in an old cat food tin during ESOAL. The video shows him holding a sealed can of cat food--and reports from former interns that the "refried beans" tasted like fish and contained bones (along with the video footage of an intern eating the cat food) make this claim from David Hasz even more dubious.

It's not just cat food Dave Hasz & Teen Mania are lying about--there's a whole slew of dishonest statements you can see and verify for yourself in today's Recovering Alumni blog post.

Teen Mania supporters might be asking, "What's the big deal about cat food?" It's not even so much about the cat food (although it is unsafe for humans to eat pet food), it's the fact that David Hasz decided to lie about it. Rather than own up to what has happened in the past, Hasz chooses to deny it and minimize it in order to save face. That's a real problem coming from a man whose job it is to teach young adults how to be "honorable."

Oh....and how in the world is eating cat food supposed to make you a better Christian?!


  1. Obviously you know nothing about Teen Mania or the ESOAL experience.

  2. the point of the cat food and all the stuff was to torture you. to put you in a position where you have to face all of your fears, and get past them. to push yourself beyond your limits so crazy stuff like that was done. the point was to prepare people to be persecuted. this is the type of thing interns signed up for. it was optional. (yes i get there was some peer pressure to join, but... thats not really their fault) also i sat next to Dave Hasz as he continually stopped leaders from taking things to far. he watched out for safety. when ever someone was hurt they instantly broke character and helped that person. ESOAL was my favorite experience next to the mission retreat and the vision retreat. there were defenately some issues with the Honor academy but no ones perfect. and I place the fault on the HA recruiters who didnt accurately portray the purpose to people. and i feel for those who came not knowing fully what they were getting into.