Friday, September 17, 2010

ESOAL 2010 In-Progress

ESOAL, the "we'll-make-you-cry-and-puke-until-you're-a-better-Christian" Life Transforming Event (LTE) held by the Teen Mania Honor Academy each year, started in the wee hours of the morning on Thursday. Last year, ESOAL lasted 90+ hours....interns have been told that this year's event will last even longer.

This is also the first year that Dave Hasz will be going through ESOAL as a participant. I don't imagine this will change his mind about ESOAL being a good idea, because he won't experience the same kind of emotional distress that the Honor Academy interns to. Why? Because:

a) Dave Hasz isn't 17-20 years old.
b) Dave Hasz isn't away from home for a year for the first time in his life.
c) Dave Hasz knows in the end that he's in charge, and everyone else knows it too.
d) Dave Hasz has been through many ESOAL events, so although some minor details may be changed, he basically knows what to expect.

I could add to the list, but that's a good start. Dave just can't experience ESOAL in the same way that young interns do....he's at a completely different place in his life than they are. He won't experience the same fear, the same feelings while being abused, or the same uncertainty. Because of this, I have no expectations that he'll see the need to make any major changes to the event.

With all that said....I truly hope the best for the interns going through this year's ESOAL. I hope that there are no serious injuries, and that the teens are able to discern what is true Biblical teaching and what is not.

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