Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Picture of the Week: Teen Mania's Soon-To-Be-Dead Cat

One of our readers had the chance to visit the Teen Mania Ministries campus in Garden Valley, Texas recently, and snapped this picture of a stray cat she saw walking around. Very pretty cat....cute collar and everything. :)

Unfortunately, if this cat sticks around too long, he/she will most likely be killed with a shotgun since, as Dave Hasz said on Teen Mania's recent conference call, that is how stray cats are dealt with on campus.

Former Honor Academy participants have also reported witnessing other interns drowning kittens and otherwise torturing stray animals that happen to have the misfortune of wandering onto the Teen Mania campus. These are mostly former pets, not feral animals, which makes the reports of animal abuse even more disturbing. No animal deserves to live the last moments of their life in sheer terror, but so far Teen Mania has refused to look into more compassionate solutions to their stray animal problem.


  1. So for one.. i live on the teen mania campus, and i haven't seen a black cat on campus at all in the last 6 months or so. And two.. No one shoots the stray animals on campus, i know because there are dogs and cats that have been running around campus for the last two years i have been here. There was a stray cat that some guys caught and threw in the pool once, but it was in no way to harm it.. some people are just jerks. Get your facts straight.

  2. Hey Anon,

    This photo was most definitely taken on the Teen Mania campus within the past few weeks. I believe there may not be *many* black cats on campus, but this particular one was definitely there at some point.

    Further, David Hasz has gone on public record saying that Teen Mania shoots stray cats on campus. He talked on the recent conference call about having a trained marksman with a shotgun come to campus to do the shooting. Plus, if you look at the Recovering Alumni forums, you'll see there's lots of former interns talking about how they personally witnessed kittens being kicked and drowned in barrels.

    So, while you may not personally have witnessed animals being killed, many others have and Dave Hasz has admitted it happens. Maybe you should be the one checking your facts.

  3. Isn't this all just a bunch of "he said she said". So your experience wasn't a good one. Get over it. I have read plenty of other posts that are entirely positive. Having just spent the last year in Afghanistan watching my fellow soldiers die...I can tell you that there are more important things happening in the world then whether or not you ate cat food, or had to roll down a hill through some vomit. Grow up and move on.

  4. You know, Anon, for a solider you do seem to lack an understanding of PTSD, which doesn't need something as serious as witnessing someone dying in combat.

    I know you'll probably will never see this, I'm just tired of people pretending to be badasses behind computer screens.