Monday, June 28, 2010

Teen Mania Ministries to Address Abuse Allegations via Public Conference Call

Teen Mania Ministries has recently announced on their website that they will be hosting a conference call to address the serious accusations of physical, emotional, spiritual, and sexual abuse at the Honor Academy recently made by former interns on the Recovering Alumni blog. Dave Hasz (Director of Teen Mania's Honor Academy) and Heath Stoner (Teen Mania's Director of Operations, Men's Program) will be on the call, along with other Teen Mania staff members. Teen Mania has already announced they will be recording the call and posting the recording on their website.

The conference call is taking place tonight, Monday, June 28, 2010 at 9:00pm Eastern time...8:00pm Central time. The call is scheduled to be just 90 minutes, but time may be added as necessary. Here's the dial-in information, as posted on Teen Mania's website:

Phone Number: (214) 377-1252
Public PIN: 14601

It's always interesting when large, Christian, para-church organizations like Teen Mania are under so much pressure that they actually take the time to publicly address the controversy swirling around them. If you have the time, I would highly encourage you to dial in and participate in the call. Keep and eye on this blog and our Twitter page throughout today and the rest of the week for news updates, analysis, and follow-up coverage of Teen Mania's ongoing crisis management efforts.


  1. Wow! This is all ridiculous to be quite honest! I was there for a year and none of this is going on whatsoever! It's so sad that people have stooped this low and trying there best to put teen mania in a negative light.

  2. Anon -- There's over 150 true stories from interns over on the blog...and more and more people keep coming forward as time goes on. Then there was the KLTV story about ESOAL last year...and the recent finding by the Duncans that Teen Mania is a cult.

    So, while you may not have personally been abused, saying "none of this is going on whatsoever" is about as far from the truth as you can actually get. And we're not trying to "put Teen Mania in a negative light"....we're reporting truthful and accurate information. If that information makes Teen Mania look bad, whose fault is that?

  3. yeah i love making up stories too.