Monday, June 28, 2010

Dave Hasz Can't Make Up His Mind About Tonight's Call

From the time Teen Mania Ministries announced tonight's conference call, members of the Recovering Alumni community have been expecting to be able to ask questions and interact with Teen Mania leadership live on the conference call. Dave Hasz even made this Facebook post, which says "I will be answering live questions throughout the evening," and definitely makes it seem as if providing your question to Teen Mania in advance via e-mail is completely optional.

However, after posting this note on his Facebook page, controversy erupted, lots of comments ensued, and Dave Hasz appears to have quickly changed his tune--leaving this comment on the very same note:

Did it just suddenly dawn on Dave Hasz that there might be a lot of people on this call? Or could it be that Dave Hasz and the other Teen Mania staff members are afraid they'll be caught off guard, and want to have time to prepare some "canned" answers to tough questions before the call? We may never know....but it appears like if you want your question answered on tonight's call, you'll need to e-mail it to beforehand.

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