Monday, June 28, 2010

List of Questions for Teen Mania Ministries

Since Dave Hasz has indicated that he will "stay on the call until [he] has given an answer for all of the questions that are emailed in," I decided to compose a list of some of my most burning questions. Here is the e-mail that I sent to Teen Mania about an hour ago--word-for-word and in its entirety. Let's see if Dave Hasz and company specifically responds to each and every question on my list.

Have a question of your own? Send it to Teen Mania at the e-mail address below, and feel free to post a comment with your question here so there is a public record of it before the call!


Subject: List of Questions for Tonight's Conference Call
From: Teen Mania Watch
Sent 6/28/2010 at 5:03PM EST

Here is a list of questions I would like to see addressed during this call. I am particularly interested in the animal control issue, ESOAL, and whether or not interns are making repairs to Dave's rental properties without Dave compensating Teen Mania for their services. Looking forward to the call and getting some answers to the very important questions that have been raised.

Teen Mania Watch Blogger

1) Lack of sleep is a recurring theme in numerous blogs and Tweets by current and former interns. In some cases, this sleep deprivation has lead to physical and emotional problems. Is there a minimum amount of time that interns are guaranteed to have free between their last activity at night and first activity in the morning (i.e. 9 hours between the last planned activity at night and corporate exercise in the morning)? Does this minimum apply during summer missions? While on the road for Acquire the Fire?

2) Former interns have reported that stray cats that were found on campus were sometimes shot & killed. There are even reports that interns have tortured cats before killing them. How are stray cats and other animals that are found on campus dealt with? Are interns responsible for getting rid of the animals? Is there any supervision by an animal care expert during this process, or any adult supervision whatsoever?

3) Most organizations that plan physically and/or emotionally demanding events plan to have an ample number trained medical professionals available to participants at all times throughout the event. Is a trained and licensed paramedic or other medical professional on hand at all times during ESOAL, 24 hours per day? Are there licensed mental health professionals that participants can speak with at any time during ESOAL?

4) Male interns have reported having their privacy invaded by other interns and "leadership" in the name of "accountability"--specifically, shower curtains are opened by ACAs (and others) to make sure the male intern isn't masturbating. Is this a condoned practice? Has Dave or Heath specifically forbidden this practice among male interns?

5) Many former interns have told stories of long drives to ATFs in distant cities. Is there an adult staff member present with groups of travelling teens at all times? Do teens have to drive through the night, or do they get to stop somewhere for the night to sleep? Are there repercussions if a teen chooses to drive while sleep deprived, putting his/her peers in danger?

6) Dave Hasz teaches that leaders should be "ethical and above reproach." In addition to Dave's salary of around $80,000 per year, he collects $80,000 in rental income from Teen Mania on approximately $400,000 worth of property. A reasonable rent is approximately 1% of market value, or $48,000 per year ($4,000/month). Why the discrepancy? Is this "ethical and above reproach?" Does this "avoid the appearance of evil?"

7) According to publicly-available land records, on April 6, 2010, Dave Hasz paid off his current home in the amount of $378,750, after just a few years of ownership. How was this possible given his income? These same land records indicate several of the other rental properties seem to be paid off in full as well. Did Dave pay off these loans with his own money, or did Teen Mania help him pay down the loans?

8) Do interns from the grounds crew, maintenance, or any other department provide services to or make repairs on Dave Hasz’s rental properties using Teen Mania's resources? Did interns help build Dave’s house without being paid?

9) Did Dave Hasz, Ron Luce, or any other senior staff take pay cuts during Teen Mania’s recent financial crisis? If so, what was the percentage of cuts?

10) What accommodations are available for vegetarian or vegan interns? Are vegetarian options available at all meals? During ESOAL? Do vegetarian/vegan interns have to strictly follow the "eat what you are served" rule on their missions trip, even if it means they have to compromise their values and eat meat?

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  1. Dave Hasz claims to be ethical??? I asked him why is that his interns earn $5/day for food while he and Luce get those nice salaries (2 of my daughters have been at The honor Academy). He ignored both emails. My daughters have bought into the lie that the ATFs lose money. The ATF I went to in 03/2011 brought in $40,000 easily.

    And Dave Hasz refused to reply to my emails after I dropped $20,000 sending my girls there. Well, they won't get my last daughter.

    I pray God cleanses that ministry.