Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Blog Tracks

I want to start this post by thanking those of you who have (already) been reading the Teen Mania Watch blog on a regular basis.  It's great to see that there is so much interest from so many people in taking a closer look at Teen Mania Ministries.

It seems like a good time to pause for a second to look at the ultimate goals of the Teen Mania Watch project, and to help readers navigate the blog with a little more ease.  Starting today, every post will be labelled with one of 4 different tags:

1. Intro to Teen Mania - People who have been involved with TMM are already probably very familiar with the organization, but Teen Mania Watch wants to create a resource for newcomers to learn about the organization, even if they have never heard of the ministry before.  "Intro to Teen Mania" posts will often provide background information that those who have been involved with the organization already know.  These posts will also lay some of the groundwork for taking a more critical look at some of the practices of the organization, and are worth reading even for those who are "in the know" about Teen Mania.

2. Teen Mania News - We also think it is important to create an internet resource so that people can keep up-to-date on current Teen Mania events & happenings.  We'll try to keep you informed when Teen Mania gets media coverage, holds a big event, or any time something unusual is going on.  If any readers come across an item they feel is newsworthy, please forward it to us (see sidebar for our e-mail address) so we can post it!

3. Activist Resources - Currently, very few resources exist for activists who want to take a stand and actively confront Teen Mania Ministries.  One of the primary goals of this blog will be to provide resources & strategy information for those looking to educate others and take action to stop the 'Teen Mania Machine.'  We'll try to give people a good education & wide variety of options when it comes to TMM-related activism.

4. TMM In-Depth - Finally, we'll be taking a closer look at some of the elements of the organization that aren't immediately apparent to outsiders, or are kept secret from the general public.  Readers who have been previously involved with Teen Mania will be especially interested in these posts, as they will provide information that you may not have heard openly and critically discussed before.

To help you navigate between postings more efficiently, posts will now be tagged with one of these 4 labels, and you can choose to view only posts from a particular category by using the new navigation box on the sidebar of each page.  It may appear that our posts jump from one topic to another from day-to-day, but by filtering the posts using labels, you'll be able to find just the information you want quickly & easily.

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